Our Mission.

Here at Bleating Hearts Sanctuary, we envision a world where one day no being will suffer the abuse and injustice inherent in all animal food production. Our work toward this goal is two fold. As a sanctuary, we provide a lifelong home to a few individuals lucky enough to escape the system. As a venue for education, we must also advocate for the billions of unnamed and unknown that harbor the same vibrant spirit and will to live. We have faith that when caring, compassionate people learn that animals are sentient beings who share with us complex thoughts, feelings and emotional lives and that animal agriculture’s routine practices deprive them of their basic right to life, freedom and bodily integrity, they will choose not to support such cruelty.

At Bleating Hearts, visitors will have the opportunity to meet and interact with the residents as well as to learn about the realities of raising animals for food. In doing so, we are confident that most will be inspired to find out more about how delicious, easy and rewarding it is to embrace a veganism as the most effective way that they, with something as simple as their daily food choices, can spare animals from harm.

We have a shared mission and work closely with our partners, Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary. We encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with their body of literature designed to debunk the myth that any animal products can be produced humanely. Please download and distribute widely.